Effective Stress Management

Discover strategies to manage and avoid stress

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Stress is a physical response to danger.
When we sense a threat, either real or perceived, our body releases hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to aid in the ability to run or prepare for battle. This fight or flight response is part of the oldest area of our brains, the amygdala, and was significant in keeping us safe when we lived in a world of harsh climates, saber tooth tigers, and other dangers.

The problem is we no longer live in such a dangerous world, and yet our thoughts, core beliefs, and habit patterns tend to keep us into that stress response.

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"Wow!!! What an amazing course! Highly, highly recommend it.  Rodolfo is knowledgable and explains the roots of stress, the psychology of it and how to effectively move out of it so well.  The techniques for stress are new to me but make so much more sense than the usual techniques everyone talks about.  I feel very well equipped to deal with stress and anxiety and understand the roots of it.  Really, I'm just blown away, amazing amazing course!!!"
- Christina W
Transformational Storyteller and Empowerment Coach

...this course can help you... 

  • To understand the reality of stress and how it functions
  • To find out what most people are actually stressing about - it's not finances, love, or health
  • To learn the 3 Questions that could radically change your levels of stress
  • Understand the root cause of your stress
  • To optimize your environment, lifestyle, and habits to lessen your stress
  • To manage existing stress with easy to do practices 
  • To understand the deep psychological beliefs and fears that can trigger stress responses
  • Ninja strategies to relieve anxiety and worry (The Pineapple Trick)
  • And much more...
This course will help you discover that the harmful stress in your life can be reduced and managed, while working optimally with healthy levels of stress that keep you motivated and aware.

This course is ideal for anyone dealing with uncertainty, anxiety, stress, or burnout.  It is perfect for stressed out professionals, parents, or couples finding themselves agitated, arguing, or overwhelmed.  Especially during this time of global change, it is important to understand how to handle stress in our lives.
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Rodolfo is the founder of The BrillianceEDU and a master coach on relationships, self-discovery, and habits for success and happiness.
Rodolfo Young

Effective Stress Management


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Yes.  We have a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.  Our only stipulation is that you actually viewed and engaged in your course.

Does my access expire?

No, your access will not expire for this course.  You can also get the Brilliance Bundle which is LIFETIME access to all our premium courses now and into the future!

Do I need any additional skills to complete this course?

You need only an open mind, curiosity, and willingness for self-growth.
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