Our Signature Programs

Our coaching programs provide guidance, support, and content for on-going personal  and professional growth. 
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Each program includes monthly live sessions with expert guidance and Q/A's, an on-demand video and audio library, and direct unlimited coaching access with our experts via audio and written chat.  

We curate the best knowledge, systems, strategies, and skillsets and use them to provide coaching, masterclasses, and inspiration for our mentorship programs and video libraries below: 

Our Signature Programs

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Premium Coaching

Unlimited Guidance via Chat

Create the best experience for your life.
 Release limiting beliefs and invite the life you desire with a dedicated coach in your corner.
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LIFE 101 Academy

A 6-Month Self Mastery Journey

Create the best experience for your life.
 Release limiting beliefs and invite the life you desire using practical wisdom you can apply daily.
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LIFE 101 Wisdom Library
Audio/Video Library

Want access to just our audio and video archives and no coaching chat?    
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The Love & Relationships

Cultivate your capacity of love for self and others, develop key relationship skills, and improve your communications.
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The Corporate Bundle...

Learn the key skills for professional and personal success. From leadership masterclasses to stress management, this collection of premium courses will give your employees a complete resource to improve their work and home life. 
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Love & Relationships
Audio/Video Library

Access only our video and audio archives on Love and Relationships


Curated, Created & Planned Audios and Videos


Years of expert coaching experience and knowledge


Inspired Hearts


Practical Wisdom Books
(coming soon)

Full Programs Includes...

Coaching On Demand

You will have personal access to message our coaching experts directly and get individual coaching advice on demand.

Video Library of Expert Training

All videos are presented or narrated by seasoned professionals and master coaches.  Live sessions are facilitated by our Founders and other guest experts.

On-Going Access

For a low annual price you get access to an ever-growing library of video and audio resources, live sessions, and coaching for your professional and personal development.

Request Specific Topics

One of our most popular features - if you can't find a video on the topic you are curious about,  you can request it and we will research, curate, and create a video for you!

Witness Your Progress Over Time

As you continue to learn and integrate new insights and wisdom, you'll be able to see how your quality of life changes for the better.

Heal And Grow

Personal development is an asset and skill that can never be taken from you.  As you prioritize learning practical wisdom and life skills, you'll find challenging conditions become less  of a struggle for you.


Rodolfo is the founder of The BrillianceEDU and The Brilliance Center in Bali.  He is a master coach on relationships, habits for success and happiness, public speaking, and leadership.  A former Special Ops soldier turned motivational speaker and mentor, Rodolfo is on a mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts to live in full Brilliance.
Rodolfo Young

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