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Retiring Old Paradigms To Invite a New Reality

with Swaady Martin

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It seems an obvious statement that to pour yourself a new drink you've got to empty what is currently in the cup, yet the idea of letting go of the old to invite the new is still a challenge for most people.

We caught up with Swaady over a very interesting conversation on the topic of impermanence and death. It was an unexpected response to the question, "What did you learn and observe from 2020?".

We can only begin to embrace life, bring down the walls, and learn from others, when we lay to rest old blocks, fears, and conditioning and begin allowing new ones to emerge from ourselves. Let what is no longer serving pass, so you can invite new realities and possibilities.

Enjoy the full conversation in our video replay.

Audio replay can be found on our podcast here.

Swaady is one of Africa’s most recognized young leader, influencer and tastemakers. She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and founder of one of Africa’s most admired brands, YSWARA African tea company.

A consciousness activist, she founded Tounché Global Consciousness Summit & Events and LovingKindness Boma, an independent publishing house creating conscious books for children with diverse main characters.

Profiled extensively in the media, she has been featured on several magazine covers, received numerous recognitions including the Forbes and Oprah Winfrey O Power lists for Africa. She is also a Board Member of the African Leadership Institute (AFLI) and a founding member of Facebook’s Group - Global Initiative 'The Boost Leaders Network'.


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