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Learn from the past year, and enter powerfully into the next with a plan and insights from these expert coaches.
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Finding the "I" in Intimacy: How to Use Your Relationships as Catalysts for Personal Growth

with Mona Green

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Face with shadow…but not comfortable with what contradicted identity.
Creating bridge instead of walls for shadows
I can be a good person, but still hurt someone I love
Flexible mindset to the concept of self - nothing hasn’t been seen, not new
The trigger is always pointing at an existing wound.
A need not met - certainty, singificance.
Embrace curiosity as the essential part of your toolkit
Look at where you immediately have an answer. Knee jerk
Have the conversation when things are working, not shit hit the fan.
Cultivation of trust, serve, and kindness
Preplan…have a user manual for conflict moments.
Clearly acknowledge and plan a moment to talk together…team
We enter relationships intimately because of the “good” aspects we mirror…as I deepens, you find the shadow mirrors.
Owning, seeing, or giving my partner credit for - 3 fingers back at you.
Loneliness comes around when disconnected to self. (Yearning for external)
For 2021 - figure out what makes you feel good deeply… joy not pelasure. Reminds you about beauty of being human.
Mindful, intentional about connection.
Pick a story that empowers you about 2021. Whatever story you choose, you’ll be right.

Mona Green is a speaker, life coach, and artist defined by her curiosity and her capacity to help others self-realize and become more intentional and joyful contributors to society. She has coached people from all walks of life including Olympic athletes, Hollywood entertainers, European royalty, and Navajo youth. 

She was selected by the Obama Administration as a leading change maker in the fight towards gender equality and as a speaker she has shared her message at the US House of Representatives, Harvard University, and the US Department of State. 
Mona has been featured on television networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, and in publications including The Washington Post, Parade Magazine, and Teen Vogue. 


Rodolfo is the founder of The BrillianceEDU and a master speaker on relationships, self-discovery, personal development and habits for success and happiness.
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