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What Feminine Power Is & How We Activate it!

with Layla El Khadri

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It removed the masks of our delusions…showed us the truth behind the veil
Very revealing

What is FEMININE - biology, emotional (identity), metaphysical (archetypal)

Beyond rational…is feminine intuition

Rational no longer tells us the truth

How - back home to body (guts and sex organs)

Discipline require to integrate over to feminine
In moments of daily choice, practice intuition
The choices end up making reality

Decision making process is creation process

Use masculine muscle to train feminine intuition - new habits
Intuition gives you feelings, thoughts give you reasons

Data can be twisted
Choose deliberately your sources of information

Information you consume is directly related to the reality you create
Not your fault, its your responsibility

Choose what you are being given and choose what you do with it.

Also, know when you need support and help — choose your support.
Learn to trust your neighbors again

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Layla El Khadri is a feminine leadership coach & author, and the
creator of PRESENCE, RADIANCE & YOUNIQUE Online Trainings.

Layla is a passionate mentor with the mission to inspire women to embody their potential, reclaim their radiance and tap into their Feminine Power.

Her journey has taken her from Ancient Wisdom and Cutting-edge studies into the most powerful tools to activate human potential.


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