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"Words fall short in expressing the gratitude I feel for the mentoring I’ve received from Rodolfo. After only a month of working together, I can already see how both my internal and external environment has radically shifted towards greater alignment with my true nature and brilliance.

Rodolfo has been helping me align with my will and determination with no forcing involved. I am learning to move towards growth and expansion in a way that keeps me grounded and connected to my true heart’s impulse. 

The way Rodolfo meets me in every session, evokes in me a cellular remembrance of what it truly means to be honored and to honor myself.  This is one the greatest gifts one can receive. It is changing how I perceive myself and what I allow and attract into my life. This work is life-changing and the grounding it facilitates is so needed in these changing times."
- Tessa Mannonen
Somatic Energy worker and Embodied Movement Facilitator
"Rodolfo creates a space for people to be truly heard.  He embodies the very nature of a coach, which is to communicate after listening and to embrace others from a loving space that opens expression and authenticity."
- Christopher Kai
Fortune 100 Global Speaker, Founder GPS Speaker Training
KUTE BLACKSON - Inspirational Speaker and Best Selling Author of "The Magic of Surrender"
MAX SIMON - CEO of GreenFlower and LinkedIn's Top Voice 2019
"This man right here has given me the most incredible healing I have ever known. The level of grief I had hidden within me, that has been locked away for 3 years has been revealed today. Not only revealed, it has been released and let go of."
- Kate Malvenan
Founder of Maison and Maison, Cancer Survivor
"Rodolfo is an amazing human who lives and practices what he teaches. With his help, I've been able to unearth some deep emotions that wanted to come up and out, and celebrate having an open heart!"
- Elissa Weinzimmer
Founder at Voice Body Connection
"Rodolfo is emanating so much without words that it is an inspiration for people to understand the real core of human communication! "
- Richard Greene
Communication Strategist for Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEO's
“After much trauma my heart had closed up and I struggled to open it up to express my emotions. Even though I had been through so much I couldn’t seem to cry and I felt numb. A couple of days after my first (breath and energy healing) appointment with Rodolfo I found myself crying because I felt so much love, it was so beautiful. Since then so many miracles have entered into my life because my heart is now open, with thanks to Rodolfo. He has given me a greater quality of life and more zest for life just by opening me up to the possibility that I can be filled with love”

- Anita Jamieson
Travel & Lifestyle Photographer

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"Rodolfo is holistic in all ways, and I would have him guide me anywhere."
- Janet Bray Attwood
New York Times BestSelling Author of "The Passion Test"
"A space for real inner work and transformation, held and guided by Rodolfo Young. He is not only a brilliant motivational speaker, but balances his sharp intellect with his open heart and loving way. Opening up new perspectives and a way to heal through a deeper understanding of oneself. "
- Hanna Winkler
Singer and Songwriter
"I've known Rodolfo for more than 14 years and can honestly say that he has never once strayed from his conviction and purpose to inspire and heal others.

In one of my sessions with him, I was inspired by the simplicity of his suggestion and how completely perfect and appropriate his words were for helping me process what I was going through in life right then.

I highly recommend Rodolfo for everything he does (heart talks, healings, mentorship...) won't find another guy like him around!"
- Meghan Hynson, PHD
Assistant Professor of Ethno-musicology at USD
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