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September 6-17th in Ubud, Bali

It's time to up-level and learn your core skills in facilitating:


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Ready to cultivate the skills and power within you to help others become their best selves? - Of course you are!

You know it, you feel it, your friends and family tell you it... you have a gift.

And that gift is waiting to be nourished, cultivated, supported, and given permission to be expressed and to be of service.  It's time!

And it is my honor to be here available as a mentor and trainer along that path of empowerment and growth.

Hi, Rodolfo here...

If I've learned anything from 20+ years in personal development, facilitation, and mentoring... it is that a strong foundation, core skills, and practical wisdom, are essential to long lasting success in whatever you choose to cultivate in your life.   Be it business, romance, finance, or otherwise.  

And, I've also learned that most people don't have that foundation. 

It's not their fault.  It's just that things are changing so quickly in our world, our attention is growing shorter and shorter, and our desire for instant gratification increasing - so we tend to take shortcuts. 

Unfortunately, taking short cuts often means missing the experiences that teach you how to maintain what you create or receive.  It's like how lottery winners often find themselves back in debt just a year after winning millions.

I personally do my best to walk my talk.  I emphasize foundation first and have done my best to practice that in my own life.  I'm trained in over 21 different therapeutic modalities from bodywork, to NLP and Hypnosis, to Shamanic Soul Retrievals, Reiki, and more...and admittedly, some of those certifications were from weekend workshops...but they all came on top of a foundation of over 1000's hours of Holistic Health Training as my base.  
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This training is for both those just starting off or facilitators already working in the holistic field who want to strengthen their practice.   

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More than a training of techniques, this is an opportunity for healing and growth. 

The Brilliance Facilitator training is a 30+ hours journey of transformation.  You are invited to join a small group of beautiful spirits on an adventure together in a sacredly held container over two weeks of learning, clearing, and evolving.

When I began my own journey into holistic work over twenty years ago, I could never have imagined the life changing insights, friendships, and miracles I would experience along the way. 

My hope is that you get to experience a little bit of the same during our time here in Bali, Indonesia. We get to gather and in this paradise learn the core principles of facilitation - including pillars and philosophy on connection, communication, healing, life, manifestation, habits of success, happiness and more.

You will gain knowledge in the 4 areas listed below:

           RODOLFO YOUNG

Transformational Coaching Skills

Cultivate your mastery of coaching others!
  • Experience personal transformation and clarity.
  • Understand core beliefs and fears that limit your clients.
  • Learn powerful techniques based in NLP, Response Work, cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology, coaching protocols and more.
  • Learn the Art of Listening.
  • Learn how to create a safe container.
  • Develop compassionate communication skills
  • Cultivate sensitivity and awareness of subtle cues in body language and word choice.
  • Dive deep on topics around leadership, productivity, stress management, corporate culture and more.
  • And much much more....
           RODOLFO YOUNG

Intuition and EnergyWork

Develop your sensitivity and awareness.
  • Learn techniques to cultivate your intuition.
  • Practice qigong and other energetic styles.
  • Recognize the difference between intuition and thoughts.
  • Learn to feel subtle energy for healing.
  • And more....
           RODOLFO YOUNG

Vitality Flow Bodywork

Vitality Flow sessions are a 90 minute mixture of gentle stretches, acupressure, breathwork, and emotional release.
  • Learn key principles of therapeutic touch.
  • How to release deep emotional blocks.
  • Practice safe body dynamics to stay healthy.
  • Understand client focused healing.
  • Develop sensitivity and mindful presence.
  • Identify powerful acupressure points for rejuvenation and toxin clearing.
  • Learn necessary anatomy and physiology.
  • And much much more....
           RODOLFO YOUNG

Powerful Speaking Skills

Cultivate your mastery of public speaking!
  • Overcome lack of confidence and stage fright.
  • Learn to engage and converse with your audience.
  • Master the art of clear and concise communication.
  • Eliminate distracting filler words.
  • Learn to use the power of silence and pausing.
  • Develop group management skills and leadership.
  • And much much more....


You can get the...

Fundamentals 2 Week Intensive in Bali

$999 $799 USD
(save $200)
Two weeks training - 30 hours +
  • training Intensive in Bali, Indonesia
  • Learn Transformational Coaching
  • Learn Powerful Public Speaking
  • Learn therapeutic bodywork
  • Learn Healing Breathwork
  • Learn EnergyWork & Intuition
  • Make Life-long friends
  • Bonus - receive a vitality flow bodywork session ($250 VALUE)

a 2 Month Personal Mentorship

$2499 USD
2 Months of Advanced Mentorship
  • 2 Months personal mentorship
  • 8 private mentoring sessions 
  • Personal healing & coaching
  • Learn business strategies
  • Focused skillset training



the Fundamentals & Personal Mentorship Bundle

$1799 USD (save $1700)
2 Weeks Intensive Group Training
2 Months Advanced Mentorship
  • Get the Full Two Week fundamentals training and...
  • 2 Months personal mentorship
  • 8 private mentoring sessions 
  • Personal healing & coaching
  • Learn business strategies
  • Focused skillset training
  • earn official certification
Ask about extra discounts if you come with a friend or partner!


           RODOLFO YOUNG

Personal Mentorship

Take your training to the next level with a 2 month personal mentorship.
  • Receive personal healing and coaching.
  • Get focused training on a specialized skill.
  • Get hands on feedback with real clients.
  • Understand how to keep cultivating your craft.
  • And more....
           RODOLFO YOUNG

Business Strategy

Build a thriving business based on your new skills.
  • Understand business strategy and marketing for making this a profession.
  • Create or enhance your online presence.
  • Learn about systems to help automate repetitive tasks.
  • Find your pricing and learn how to have sales conversations.
  • And more....
           RODOLFO YOUNG


Receive official certification as a Brilliance Facilitator and a Transformational Coach & Speaker.

What People Are Saying...

"A space for real inner work and transformation, held and guided by Rodolfo Young. He is not only a brilliant motivational speaker, but balances his sharp intellect with his open heart and loving way. Opening up new perspectives and a way to heal through a deeper understanding of oneself. "
- Hanna Winkler
Singer and Songwriter
"Thank you for today, deep shifting healing transformation, wow I feel it’s so powerful in my circle to share what came through for me today with men. So grateful to have you as my mentor learning, shifting, so much.  Thank you!"
- Bree Love
Embodiment and Mindset Coach
"Words fall short in expressing the gratitude I feel for the mentoring I’ve received from Rodolfo. After only a month of working together, I can already see how both my internal and external environment has radically shifted towards greater alignment with my true nature and brilliance.

Rodolfo has been helping me align with my will and determination with no forcing involved. I am learning to move towards growth and expansion in a way that keeps me grounded and connected to my true heart’s impulse. 

The way Rodolfo meets me in every session, evokes in me a cellular remembrance of what it truly means to be honored and to honor myself.  This is one the greatest gifts one can receive. It is changing how I perceive myself and what I allow and attract into my life. This work is life-changing and the grounding it facilitates is so needed in these changing times."
- Tessa Mannonen
Somatic Energy worker and Embodied Movement Facilitator
"Rodolfo is an amazing human who lives and practices what he teaches. With his help, I've been able to unearth some deep emotions that wanted to come up and out, and celebrate having an open heart!"
- Elissa Weinzimmer
Founder at Voice Body Connection
"This man right here has given me the most incredible healing I have ever known. The level of grief I had hidden within me, that has been locked away for 3 years has been revealed today. Not only revealed, it has been released and let go of."
- Kate Malvenan
Founder of Maison and Maison, Cancer Survivor
“After much trauma my heart had closed up and I struggled to open it up to express my emotions. Even though I had been through so much I couldn’t seem to cry and I felt numb. A couple of days after my first (breath and energy healing) appointment with Rodolfo I found myself crying because I felt so much love, it was so beautiful. Since then so many miracles have entered into my life because my heart is now open, with thanks to Rodolfo.He has given me a greater quality of life and more zest for life just by opening me up to the possibility that I can be filled with love”

- Anita Jamieson
Travel & Lifestyle Photographer, Cancer Survivor

Training will be held in Ubud, Bali@ The Brilliance Center

This brand new space will be our dedicated container for learning, clearing, and expressing our brilliance.

We will meet Monday -Friday here from 10 am to 1 pm each day of the training.
Write your awesome label here. the end of two weeks you will have been guided... 

  • In cultivating your personal skillset and empowered gifts.
  • To get a clear intention and vision of your goals
  • To eliminate your self-imposed limitations and conditions
  • To shed your shame and embrace your full expression
  • To cultivate equanimity, mindfulness, and quiet inner peace
  • To learn to create abundance by opening to receive and getting aligned
  • To develop vulnerable strength so you can express confidently
  • To deepen your trust in self and in others
  • To learn to get yourself out of the way and stop self-sabotage
  • And much more...


Rodolfo is the founder of The Brilliance Mission and a master coach on relationships, self-discovery, and habits for success and happiness. A former Special Ops soldier turned motivational speaker and mentor, Rodolfo is on a mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts to live in full Brilliance.

Your Mentorship program will follow a 3 phase curriculum:  

PHASE 1 -  is a series of personal sessions for your own growth and clarity...I strongly believe in creating a strong foundation from which to learn and share.  You want to do more than share what you are taught, you want to walk the talk.

PHASE 2 -  is training of technique and skills.   This is a combination of lecture and practice with feedback.

PHASE 3 -  is practice with actual clients, starting with guided sessions where I'm present and can give you feedback during and after (these are best to invite friends to experience) and eventually sessions where you go on your own and can get guidance from me on challenges you face or improvements you'd like to make.
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