Rising Out Of Limits


Are you ready to move out of negativity? 

If you are like most people, when you look at your life -at your relationships, career, health, mental state, and more, you might be ok where you are at, but the question is, are you truly happy?

Do you feel ecstatic getting up in the morning and trust the magic of life?

Probably not...barely anyone does. Most people are ok to just be mediocre and not truly happy, so why would you? After all, life isn't that extraordinary...or is it?

Could it be great? Or even magical?

I'll tell you a secret, life can be incredible, beyond your wildest pinterest board or instagram feed...BUT it is an inside job.

Shopping, parties, nice vacations or even the perfect body won't bring you long term happiness.  Those experiences come and go, and usually land you back at where you started...running away from yourself, trying not to listen to the negative voices in your head, and unconsciously investing in self defeating beliefs.

So how do you really live life to the fullest?  - By changing your mindset.

You shift your focus to what you want in life, to loving yourself and to standing in your truth...and knowing what your truth is! 

Doing this takes time and effort and mostly willingness to really show up for oneself.  Would you be really ready for this?

If so, buckle up cause it's a wild rollercoaster!

To change your mindset you have to change your beliefs, the way you speak to yourself, the way you look at things and the clarity you have about what you want. 

The Rising Out Of Limits course is a 30 day transformative journey, specifically designed to help you move out of negative beliefs, thinking patterns and guide you to finding clarity of what you want in life.

If you decide your ready for this, to show up for yourself for 30 days then I'll be happy to guide you.

I'm Christina Wedding, born and raised in a small town in Germany.  Driven by a knowledge that there was more to life, I traveled 30 countries on my own, and started a more than 7 year healing journey, to move out of fear, release old patterns, and learn to stand in my power and understand what that even means. I designed this course with exercises I wish I'd known years ago, exercises I still come back to today.

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What's included?

The Rising Out of Limits course consists of 5 different areas:

Releasing the old, then to rephrase and embrace, followed by having a good look at all your life categories (like health, relationships, finances, career etc), then finding clarity of what you want in life and finally building habits that will get you there.
It's 30 days - the beginning of a lifetime journey to uncovering and rediscovering who you are, what you want and what life means to you. It's intense, challenging, yet loads of fun.

If you're ready I'd be honored to guide you on this transformative journey, but only if you're ready.  If you're someone who gives up easy and quits after the first days cause you don't feel great, please don't get this course. 

This is a transformational journey, the journey of a caterpillar into a butterfly, and that journey takes a 100% commitment and dedication. 

...this course can help you... 

  • To have a transformative reconnection to self and love
  • To get a clear intention and vision for your life
  • To eliminate your self-imposed limitations and conditions
  • To shed your negative thinking patterns 
  • To cultivate awareness, mindfulness, and quiet inner peace
  • To get clear on your ideal life and how to manifest it
  • To reconnect to your inner wisdom and stand in your truth 
  • To develop strength so you can express confidently
  • To deepen your trust in self and in others
  • To learn to get yourself out of the way and stop self-sabotage
  • And much more...
This is your chance to find your personal power, free of negative thinking, beliefs, and limitations.
Rodolfo Young

Meet YOUR instructor

Christina Wedding

Christina is a powerhouse coach who gets you to ask the important questions about your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns and guides you beautifully toward personal empowered transformation.

Rising Out Of Limits


Is there a refund policy?

Yes.  We have a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.  Our only stipulation is that you actually viewed and engaged in your course.

Does my access expire?

No, your access will not expire for this course.  You can also get the Brilliance Bundle which is LIFETIME access to all our premium courses now and into the future!

Do I need any additional skills to complete this course?

You need only an open mind, curiosity, and willingness for self-growth.
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