Cultivating Lasting Relationship

Full Course launching early 2022.
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Wondering why previous relationships haven't worked out?

Or maybe you just want to get your current relationship right, or maybe you are still looking for that "one" special person to complete you.

Too often people enter relationship with misperceptions, desperation, or disney-influenced unrealistic expectations and give up or self-sabatoge the moment any challenges come up.  

Relationships have multiple levels, complexities, and expressions.  They are never turn-key solutions.  They must be customized, personalized, and cultivated.

This course is an eye opening and insightful journey into understanding how successful relationships work and why.

You will be guided by love birds and relationship coaches Rodolfo Young and Christina Wedding, who have been cultivating and sharing their wisdom of the key pillars of successful partnership for nearly half a decade.  

What People Are Saying...

- CJ
Founder of 
"Rodolfo is an amazing human who lives and practices what he teaches. With his help, I've been able to unearth some deep emotions that wanted to come up and out, and celebrate having an open heart!"
- Elissa Weinzimmer
Founder at Voice Body Connection

- Chloe
Adminstrative Executive

What's included?

...this course can help you... 

  • To have a transformative reconnection to self and love
  • To get a clear intention and vision of your relationship goals
  • To eliminate your self-imposed limitations and conditions
  • To shed your shame and embrace your full expression
  • To understand the needs and wants of your partner
  • To develop clear communication and expression
  • To understand thinking styles and love languages
  • To deepen your trust in self and in others
  • To learn to get yourself out of the way and stop self-sabotage
  • And much more...
This is your chance to create or prepare for a relationship that endures, fulfills, and creates a partnership you feel at home in.
Meet the instructorS


Rodolfo is the founder of The BrillianceEDU and a master coach on relationships, self-discovery, and habits for success and happiness.
Rodolfo Young

Rodolfo Young

Christina Wedding

Christina is a powerhouse coach who gets you to ask the important questions about your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns and guides you beautifully toward personal empowered transformation.

Cultivating Lasting Relationship


Is there a refund policy?

Yes.  We have a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.  Our only stipulation is that you actually viewed and engaged in your course.

Does my access expire?

No, your access will not expire for this course.  You can also get the Brilliance Bundle which is LIFETIME access to all our premium courses now and into the future!

Do I need any additional skills to complete this course?

You need only an open mind, curiosity, and willingness for self-growth.
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