9 Breaths to Breakthrough

A breathwork course for healing your emotional or physical challenges.

Take a nice long deep breath...

So...when was the last time you did that.
All of our lives, globally, have been uprooted in someway right now and many of you might be finding yourselves holding your breaths waiting for some idea of clarity, safety, control so you can finally exhale.

The problem is, it is likely this global crisis will continue longer than you can hold your breath.
That's where this course comes in. 

When you learn to manage your breath and even leverage it, you also learn to manage your response to the external world and all its chaos.

In this course, Master Coach Rodolfo Young will help you cultivate an awareness of the subtle and powerful energy we all carry and your ability to handle even extreme change, stress, or challenge.

What People Are Saying...

“After much trauma my heart had closed up and I struggled to open it up to express my emotions. Even though I had been through so much I couldn’t seem to cry and I felt numb. A couple of days after my first (breath and energy healing) appointment with Rodolfo I found myself crying because I felt so much love, it was so beautiful. Since then so many miracles have entered into my life because my heart is now open, with thanks to Rodolfo.He has given me a greater quality of life and more zest for life just by opening me up to the possibility that I can be filled with love”

- Anita Jamieson
Travel & Lifestyle Photographer, Cancer Survivor
"This man right here has given me the most incredible healing I have ever known. The level of grief I had hidden within me, that has been locked away for 3 years has been revealed today. Not only revealed, it has been released and let go of."
- Kate Malvenan
Founder of Maison and Maison, Cancer Survivor
"Rodolfo is an amazing human who lives and practices what he teaches. With his help, I've been able to unearth some deep emotions that wanted to come up and out, and celebrate having an open heart!"
- Elissa Weinzimmer
Founder at Voice Body Connection

What's included?

...this course can lead to... 

  • Finding clarity, guidance, and answers for your next steps
  • Reaching your highest states of consciousness
  • Soothing your nervous system
  • Releasing trauma and stress
  • Oxygenating your cells
  • Detoxifying you body and emotions
  • To learn to create abundance by opening to receive
  • To deepen your trust in self and in others
  • To learn to get yourself out of the way and stop self-sabotage
  • And much more...
We are these powerful Beings filled with oxygen, energy, and a brilliance of expression.  

Sometimes, though, we can let stories, thoughts, and limiting beliefs numb the potential and power we all carry and it depletes our happiness, fulfillment and joy.

Epic Breathwork is a breathing technique that comes from a qigong background and fills the body with so much oxygen and chi (energy) that you may find yourself feeling weightless, revived, tingly and opened deeply in the heart and to life again with vibrancy.  
Meet YOUR instructor


Rodolfo is the founder of The BrillianceEDU and a master coach on relationships, self-discovery, and habits for success and happiness.
Rodolfo Young

9 Breaths to Breakthrough

Please be aware that this course is a physical practice. By joining, you agree and acknowledge you are in adequate health and mind to engage in a physical breathing practice, and that the instructor, organizer, and all supporting staff and enterprise are not liable for any injury or harm resulting therein.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes.  We have a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.  Our only stipulation is that you actually viewed and engaged in your course.

Does my access expire?

No, your access will not expire for this course.  You can also get the Brilliance Bundle which is LIFETIME access to all our premium courses now and into the future!

Do I need any additional skills to complete this course?

You need only an open mind, curiosity, and willingness for self-growth.
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