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The Tropical Paradise of Bali...

Bali is known for its amazing culture, people, and land. It is an island of rich tradition and welcoming smiles.

In recent years, parts of Bali, such as the artist/yoga city center of Ubud, have become a destination and home for many expats seeking personal growth and development in a supportive community.

There are yoga studios, ashrams, detox centers, holistic resorts, health cafes, and more…And soon, there will be a dedicated space for courses, classes, and talks on mindset and life mastery training. 

Introducing... The Brilliance Center

A Personal Development space in Bali, committed to providing resources for personal and professional growth.

The Brilliance Center is a space with both real-world discussion groups, presentations, and talks and online resources such as courses, masterclasses, live streams, and a virtual community board.

Participants can learn practical wisdom and skills in relationships, business, health, finances, happiness, and impact. They can dive into masterclasses on intuition, conscious parenting, energy medicine, money EQ, astral projection, Feng shui, leadership, speaking, speed reading, fitness, and more.

And they can engage in empowering talks on life, love, self-discovery, and other topics for happiness, success, and growth.

The goal is simple and powerful - Provide access to curated and transformative content to support mastery in your personal and professional lives.

In celebration of The Brilliance Center opening soon, we have a huge sale of our premium online courses.

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Heart Opening Sessions are a mix of breathwork, acupressure points, hara reading, and clarity coaching.
  • Available in person only
  • Deal Ends July 2021
  • Cannot be exchanged or transferred
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Clarity Coaching dives beneath the stories and excuses you've been making and helps you find the inner resources for your success and happiness!
  • Available in person AND online.
  • Deal Ends July 2021
  • Cannot be exchanged or transferred

Here's what we are going to be up to at The Brilliance Center...

Masterclasses - We curate the best quality video masterclasses and organize meet-ups to watch and discuss the topics presented and take actionable steps to implement new ideas into our lives.

Mastery Meet-Ups - Commit in with a dedicated group to cultivate skills in things like Relationships, Public Speaking, Coaching, and more.

Talks - Join our signature Heart Talks or come to a guest talk from community experts on different topics to elevate your life.

Trainings - Join a 1-2 day training to immerse yourself in a new skill, concept, or learning. Future trainings will include business skills, communication, speakers development, and more.

Discussion Groups - Get together to discuss your favorite personal development books, or maybe a favorite thought leader like Dr. Joe Dispenza or Tony Robbins.

The Brilliance Archive - Presentations and expert talks given at The Brilliance Center will be recorded and collected in an online archive.  Anyone, anywhere in the world can subscribe for monthly access to this library of content.

I'm really looking forward to sharing life changing tools and resources with the Bali Community.

We have lots of ideas and plans already for more offerings, events, and activities... get involved now so you don't miss a thing!
Meet the FOUNDER


Rodolfo is the founder of The Brilliance Mission, a parent company to BrillianceEDU and The Brilliance Center.  He is a master coach on relationships, self-discovery, and habits for success and happiness. 
Rodolfo Young


** Partner with us - if you are a course creator, coach, or thought leader. Let the center be a platform for you to share and lead an interested audience to the resources you provide.
*** Becoming a Sponsor - and gain exposure to our full audience offline and online.Your brand will be featured on a Sponsors Wall in the center, in handouts during classes and talks, and in print material shared at the center.
Sponsorship opportunities are open for local related businesses and related online providers (yoga studios, health cafes, spas, conscious brands, holistic resorts, coaches, and online platforms).
There will be multiple places at the Center that will showcase your brands offerings, and we will also include promotion on our virtual platforms, such as the and others that are part of the Brilliance Mission.
The Sponsors program is intended to create promotional opportunities for complimentary businesses to grow and flourish alongside The Brilliance Center. We are always seeking win/win collaborations and agreements.
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