Healing & Self-Development Work for the mind and heart

There is a Brilliance beyond your stories, excuses, and self-imposed limitations.

Offerings at The Brilliance Center can help lead you to a better understanding of yourself,  your patterns, and your potential. 

Release emotions and limiting beliefs and embrace a new potential on life.
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Emotional Cleanse Program

Take a deep dive and safely clear emotional patterning, blocks, and beliefs that have been limiting you.  Breathe new life into your being, inspiration, and direction.

Program includes 3 personal healing sessions, our Rising Out Of Limits 30 Day Course, and a physical book copy of "How To Cultivate a More Positive You" .

Price -€900 EUR
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Self Discovery Session

Our emotions, stress, and tension have a big impact on how we feel, look, and see ourselves.  Find clarity and awareness about yourself by feeling the subtle body, witnessing your thoughts, and being led through an intuitive process of discovery. 

These sessions are a 60-90 minute mixture of conversational coaching and somatic healing, including gentle stretches, acupressure, breathwork, and subtle nervous system co-regulation.

Price - 5 million IDR (€299 EUR)
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Love & Relationships

A 60 minute coaching session to cultivate your capacity of love for self and others, develop key relationship skills, and improve your communications.

 Individual Price - 3 million IDR (€199 EUR).
 Couples Price - 5 million IDR (€299 EUR).
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Clarity Coaching Session (in person or online)

These sessions are 60 minute coaching conversations to help you find clarity on big life decisions, challenges, and inspirations.  Sometimes we just need someone to listen to our story, help us see blindspots, and open our minds to different perspectives.

Also available...

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Energetic Heart Readings & Healing

(Find Your Deepest Balance)

A 45 minute psychic assessment which uses the energy lines of the body to read life patterns and offer clarity for balance.  We then spend time working energetic points to support that balance and healing.

 Price -  1.2 million IDR (€75 EUR).
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Integrated Kundalini Opening

(IKO) Revitalizing Your Life Force

A 90 minute grounded approach to awakening the life force and creative energy within us. The primary intention is to bring you safely back to the sensations and feelings of your own body. This is an embodiment practice and can help bring motivation and inspiration back to a stagnant condition. Learning to trust and express our senses is a powerful way to align your life and more authentically show up.

 Price -  5 million IDR (€299 EUR).
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Nervous System Reset 

(Destress, Dearmour, and Reintegrate)

A 60 minute full body massage using alternating techniques of deep pressure and light touch to relax the body at the deepest levels of the nervous system.

 Price -  3 million IDR (€180 EUR).
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Premium Coaching
Unlimited Monthly Coaching Chat

Knowing you have a coach in your corner to ask questions or share challenges, insights and triumphs can really help you get the most from your life and your desires.

When you get Premium Coaching Chat you can reach out anytime to get a quick and caring response usually within a few hours.  Get the guidance and support you really want and when you need it. 
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LIFE 101 Wisdom Library
Audio/Video Library

Want access to just our audio and video archives and no coaching chat?    
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LIFE 101 Academy

A 6-Month Self Mastery Journey

Create the best experience for your life.
 Release limiting beliefs and invite the life you desire using practical wisdom you can apply daily.

See All Our Current Services Below

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Self-Discovery Session

Uncover who you truly are and can be.

Heart Reading

Get an intuitive reading and insight into your deepest truth.

Emotional Release

Deeply heal from buried emotions.

Tarot Card Reading

What future and present paths await you?

Human Design Reading

Learn what your design and best life strategy are.

Akashic Records

Access your life story and infinite records.


Discover the power of your own breath to breakthrough limiting patterns, release emotion, and activate inspiration.

Nervous System Co-Regulation


Life and Relationship Coaching


Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Deeply connect and regulate your Nervous System.


Shift core beliefs that may be holding you back.


Access your life story and infinite records.



Detox and Cleanse




Access Bars


KAP (Kundalini Awakening Process)


Stellar Healing


Reconnective Healing




Facial Massage


Integrative Kundalini Flow




Facial Massage

More therapies being added.  Are you a practitioner of a unique style?

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Meet the FOUNDER


Rodolfo is the founder of The Brilliance Center and a master coach on relationships, self-discovery, and habits for success and happiness. A former Special Ops soldier turned motivational speaker and mentor, Rodolfo is on a mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts to live in full Brilliance.
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