SELF-DISCOVERY Mentorship - Understand, love, and express your full potential


Who are you?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

For many, who have burnt out from exhausting jobs, heartbreaking relationships, or simply confusion about what to do next...the question of "who are you?" is a very important one.

The Self-Discovery Mentorship is an 8 week program to help you find clarity, direction, and purpose with your life.   This mentorship can help you heal from the past, recognize positive habits over negative ones, shift to empowering beliefs and mindsets, remove limiting thoughts, unblock heavy emotions, and to cultivate better relationships in your life.

Your Self Discovery Mentorship includes:

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6 Self Discovery Sessions

These sessions are a 90 minute mixture of gentle stretches, acupressure, breathwork, and emotional release that can lead to:

* Activation of life force and creative energy.
* Release of deep emotional blocks and stress.
* Returning to the sensuality of your body and senses.
* Trust and honoring of yourself and expression.
* Letting go of past trauma and unnecessary story.
* And moving from survival to abundance and joy.

Our emotions, stress, and tension have a big impact on how we feel, look, and see ourselves. Find clarity and awareness about yourself by feeling the subtle body, witnessing your thoughts, and being led through an intuitive process of discovery. 
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You get access to this Premium online course:

Rising Out Of Limits

Move out of negativity and find your power.
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and a copy of this best-selling book:

How to Cultivate A More Positive You

A guide for self-discovery in 9 simple steps. 

You can choose additional services to add to your Mentorship experience:

Human Design Reading

Learn what your design and best life strategy are.

Akashic Records

Access your life story and infinite records.


Nourish and open the flow in your body.

Water Temple Cleanse

Learn what your design and best life strategy are.


Access your life story and infinite records.


Nourish and open the flow in your body.

What People Are Saying...

"This man right here has given me the most incredible healing I have ever known. The level of grief I had hidden within me, that has been locked away for 3 years has been revealed today. Not only revealed, it has been released and let go of."
- Kate Malvenan
Founder of Maison and Maison, Cancer Survivor
"Rodolfo is an amazing human who lives and practices what he teaches. With his help, I've been able to unearth some deep emotions that wanted to come up and out, and celebrate having an open heart!"
- Elissa Weinzimmer
Founder at Voice Body Connection
“After much trauma my heart had closed up and I struggled to open it up to express my emotions. Even though I had been through so much I couldn’t seem to cry and I felt numb. A couple of days after my first (breath and energy healing) appointment with Rodolfo I found myself crying because I felt so much love, it was so beautiful. Since then so many miracles have entered into my life because my heart is now open, with thanks to Rodolfo.He has given me a greater quality of life and more zest for life just by opening me up to the possibility that I can be filled with love”

- Anita Jamieson
Travel & Lifestyle Photographer, Cancer Survivor

You Have Some Options:

Curious - Single Session

$450 USD
This single session package  includes:
  • 1 Vitality Flow Session ($250 value)
  • Online Course - Rising Out of Limits ($297 value)
  • Book - How to Cultivate a More Positive You 
Want just a single session and no package?  Message for special first time session pricing.
Whatsapp +62 813 9023 1056

Interested - 1 month

$1,200 $600 USD (special)
This 1 month long program includes:
  • 4 Vitality Flow Session ($1000 value)
  • Online Course - Rising Out of Limits ($297 value)
  • Book - How to Cultivate a More Positive You 

Committed - 2 months

$2,500 $1,200 USD (special)
This is a full 2 month program.
  • 6 Vitality Flow Session ($1500 value)
  • Online Course - Rising Out of Limits ($297 value)
  • Book - How to Cultivate a More Positive You 
  • Free Voucher for optional 5-Day training
  • Certificate of Completion
Special offer

For a limited time!

Early Bird

Self Discovery Mentorship

Your 8 Week Mentorship Program
  • In Person Coaching in Bali, Indonesia
  • 6 Private self discovery Sessions
  • 30 Day Online Course - Rising Out of limits
  • Personal copy of "How to  Cultivate a more positive you" book
  • Make Life-long friends
  • Bonus - Get free access to a Future Brilliance center Group Training in energy and Bodywork or public speaking and coaching or relationships! ($599 value)

Your Mentorship program will build each week as layers of conditioning and past fall away, and the true you is revealed.  

Weekly Self-Discovery Sessions -  with each personal session, we will open and reveal more clarity of your passions, purpose, and desired future.  I will help you shift from a pattern of avoiding what you don't want and move you focus on moving toward what you do want.

...this mentorship will guide you... 

  • In cultivating your personal skillset and empowered gifts.
  • To get a clear intention and vision of your goals
  • To eliminate your self-imposed limitations and conditions
  • To shed your shame and embrace your full expression
  • To cultivate equanimity, mindfulness, and quiet inner peace
  • To learn to create abundance by opening to receive and getting aligned
  • To develop vulnerable strength so you can express confidently
  • To deepen your trust in self and in others
  • To learn to get yourself out of the way and stop self-sabotage
  • And much more...


Rodolfo is the founder of The Brilliance Mission and a master coach on relationships, self-discovery, and habits for success and happiness. A former Special Ops soldier turned motivational speaker and mentor, Rodolfo is on a mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts to live in full Brilliance.
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