It's my Birthday!

Another year down, and another exciting one to jump into...

I turn 43 this year.  And I feel like a whole new phase is beginning...

In my forty-three years of life, I've been many things:  US Army Special Operations Soldier, Massage Therapist, Web Designer, Author, Speaker, Coach, Shamanic Soul Retriever, Corporate Consultant, FB Ads Specialist, Magician and more (not necessarily in this order).

And now as I enter the next years of my life, I am excited to be creating more ways to share what I have learned and experienced.

I plan to...

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Give more Heart Talks!

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Write more Books!

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and Dance more with my Wife!

Much more writing. I'll be creating Practical Wisdom books on:
  • How to Cultivate a More Positive You
  • The 6 Pillars of Long and Happy Relationships
  • The Power of Choice - Free Will Redefined
  • The Art of Masterful Communication
  • And many more...
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I will be taking my experience as a Corporate Speaker and Personal Development Trainer and releasing more corporate L&D content and courses.  

In celebration of my Birthday, I would like to introduce all my friends, family, clients, and students to what I've been working on all last year and have now released...and want to give to you all at a HUGE birthday discount!

May these be of service to you...

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The LIFE 101 Academy:
A 6-Month Self Mastery Journey
(Birthday discount of 80%)

Create the best experience for your life. Release limiting beliefs and invite the life you desire using practical wisdom you can apply to your daily life and thoughts.  
  • Guided Breathwork for daily practice
  • Unlimited 1-1 Coaching Chat ***
  • REgular Live Group Q/A's
  • Growing audio/video library OF INSPIRATION
  • Self development Content & Recommendations
  • Must have Instagram account to access main resources.


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The LIFE 101 Wisdom Library: (Audio/Video)

Enjoy this growing archive of filmed and recorded masterclasses, talks, interviews and clips to support you on your self-development journey.  New content is being added regularly...
  • 100's of Heart talks recorded and being uploaded
  • masterclasses, interviews, and inspirational clips
  • Regular Live Group Q/A's
  • Topics on life, love, happiness, and relationships
  • Must have Instagram account to access main resources.

Sending you all a lot of love!

Feel free to connect on my other channels:

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